Facilities Involved in HAI BSI QIA

Project Guidelines

Project Agreements/Contracts due back to the Network by February 13, 2017

The IPRO ESRD Network of New England/Network 1 is conducting a Bloodstream Infections (BSIs) Project to reduce BSI rates among dialysis patients. Selected facilities will be provided with guidance to improve implementation of the CDC Recommended Interventions for Dialysis BSI Prevention.

AIM:  To include at least 20% of Network facilities chosen based on NHSN BSI data.

Baseline: First and second quarter of 2016 (January through June 2016) to re-measure in September 2017 based on first and second quarter of 2017 (December 2016 through May 2017).

Goal and Timeline: The goal for this project is to decrease the pooled mean BSI rate within the chosen group by ≥5% from baseline (Baseline 1st & 2nd Quarters of 2016).

Tools and Resources

Making Dialysis Safer Coalition

Facility Monthly Tracking Tool - tracking tool to be submitted monthly through

Survey Monkey format, by the first week of the month, to the Network for scoring

Participation Letter - provider will receive with Calendar of events from the Network

CDC Clean Hands Count - Patient Fact Sheet

CDC Clean Hands Count - Provider Fact Sheet

Possible CDC Interventions to implement for identified root cause

NCC Facility HAI Tracking Poster - This poster, developed by the NPFE LAN patient SMEs, is designed to help staff and patients track the number of infections at their facility and raise awareness of ways to help prevent HAIs.  The bottom portion of the poster will hold a data chart, updated monthly, to show the facility's progress towards eliminating HAIs.

Initiative Contacts:

Sarah Keehner, RN, BSN, CNN
Quality Improvement Director

Quality Improvement Coordinator