QAPI Goals and Resources

A robust QAPI program includes the entire interdisciplinary team and leads to improved patient outcomes

Goals for QAPI

QAPI involves the entire care team continually reviewing the overall care provided in the dialysis center and seeking ways to improve on the systems and clinical processes as opposed to individual problems as they arise. A robust QAPI program is data driven and improves health outcomes for the facility as a whole, beyond just individual patient needs. QAPI is an ongoing program, not an isolated meeting or event, that should:

  • Include all disciplines (the interdisciplinary care team or IDT) and be Medical Director driven
  • Be data-driven and incorporate indicators related to improved medical outcomes and reduction of medical errors
  • Aggregate data to allow for tracking, trending, and performance evaluation both clinically and operationally
  • Involve continuous monitoring, evaluation, and adjustment to meet changing facility needs
  • Include a clear statement of the purpose of the improvement, goals, estimated time to attainment, and priority within the system

QAPI is also mandated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Conditions for Coverage.

QAPI Plan Examples: