Interested in Joining the PAC?

The Patient Advisory Committee (PAC) provides an opportunity to patients, transplant recipients and care partners for the purposes of lending perspective and assisting in the promotion of patient, family and care partner engagement in ESRD care, as well as promoting positive relationships between patients, provider staff, ESRD stakeholders and the Network. The PAC consists of three separate levels of involvement: Members, Representatives and Chairpersons. Representatives and Chairpersons. The Patient Advisory Committee is for individuals who are interested in:

Member Level:

  • Educating themselves on kidney disease and ways to be a healthier patient living with ESRD
  • Becoming an empowered patient by being an active participant with your personal care team
  • Learning more about the patient advocacy and quality improvement activities

Representative Level:

(Must be nominated by their social worker or another facility representative and complete a certified peer mentor training course)

  • Developing and Expanding their advocacy skills and become more involved with their Dialysis Facility and ESRD Network
  • Speaking with their ESRD peers and sharing advice and experiences
  • More education and training surrounding ESRD and other kidney diseases

Regional Chairs:

  • Assist supporting patients and activities in your region and talking with other patients and care team members to obtain their perspectives.
  • Provide feedback on the effectiveness of the Network’s patient related activities and assist in developing resources and tools that will support reaching quality improvement goals
  • Review and make recommendations regarding patient related health care messages, materials and activities planned by the Network.

Once involved in the PAC a patient may be interested in serving as a Subject Matter Experts (SME). SMEs are individuals who are able to devote more time each month to be involved in planning quality improvement activities with the Network and other Federal agencies including participating on national conference calls.

Becoming a PAC Member

If you are a dialysis patient, transplant recipient, family member, or care partner and are interested in becoming a PAC member, speak with your dialysis facility social worker or contact the Network.

PAC Recruitment Materials:

Charles Paige Patient Advocate Award

In recognition of the life and achievements of PAC /Network Board Member Charles Paige, the Patient Advisory Committee of the IPRO ESRD Network of New England has created the Annual Charles Paige Patient Advocate Award, to be presented at the Annual PAC Summit.

Benchmarked by the extraordinary patient advocate work of Charles Paige, this Award recognizes a single patient’s accomplishments both within and outside of the dialysis clinic.

For 2019, nominations are due to the Network by TBD, 2019.

Award Criteria

Patients can self-nominate, be nominated by an ESRD facility staff member, or nominate a fellow patient advocate. In keeping with the spirit of Charles’ work, we ask that each nominee:

  • Be a resident of the New England States, living with ESRD (dialysis or transplant);
  • Currently serve as a member of the Network’s Patient Advisory Committee or as a Network Subject Matter Expert; and
  • Be an active patient advocate whose work has a positive impact on the ESRD community

Award Criteria and How to Apply

Group of Hands

To become a patient PAC, please contact:

Agata Roszkowski, LMSW
Patient Services Director

Cheryl Pettway
Community Outreach Coordinator