Facilities Involved in QIA

Project Guidelines

Project Agreement/Contract due back to the Network by May 4, 2017
Quality improvement activity aimed to educate patients about the grievance process and to train staff to support patients through the process. Clinics are required to track their internal grievances and to decrease overall grievance scores by a relative 20%.

AIM:  To decrease the facility’s average score on the overall weighted measure by 20% relative improvement

Baseline: March average grievance scores (Numerator = sum of all grievance scores / Denominator = Total number of facilities in project.)

Goal and Timeline:  To obtain 20% relative improvement of facility's weighted grievance score from baseline (March 2017) to re-measure (September 2017).

Project Overview - Includes scoring methodology, monthly call schedule, and project activities timeline

Grievance Log Template - Logs to be submitted monthly, by the first week of the month, to the Network for scoring

Staff  Agreement - Agreement to create an environment that encourages patients, family members, and care partners to voice concerns without fear of retaliation

2017 Grievance QIA Webinar - Full review of 2017 Grievance QIA

Tools and Resources

Dialysis Patient Grievance Toolkit Flyer and The Dialysis Grievance Toolkit English and Spanish versions. This toolkit was created by patients for patients created The National Forum of ESRD Networks

Speak Up poster! Do you have a grievance? First request a copy of your clinic's grievance policy from a staff member and ask questions if you don't understand how to file a grievance. If you are sill unsatisfied Contact the Network. Use this poster to help you Speak Up. Posters available upon request. See list of posters by states below:

"Why do I feel cold during dialysis?" - materials to hand out and display for patients about causes of feeling cold while on dialysis, regulatory requirements, and suggestions for maintaining warmth during treatment. Posters available upon request. Also available in Spanish.

ACT Now Campaign gives providers the tools and resources to improve patient experience of care. Use card and poster to assist you.
ACT Now to Resolve Booklet – provides a definition and description of the eight dimensions of patient care along with examples of provider/patient dialogue.
To obtain copies of the card please contact the Network.

  • A - Ask questions
  • C - Communicate effectively
  • T - Take Action

Initiative Contacts:

Agata Roszkowski, LMSW
Patient Services Director

Cheryl Pettway
Community Outreach Coordinator